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The navigation and ancillary information support of "Phobos-Grunt" project carried out by means of SPICE system.

The kernels contain all data types with their description.

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TLE Data

A two-line element set (TLE) is a set of orbital elements that describe the orbit of an "Phobos-Soil" spacecraft.

PHSRM_1EB - TLE for elliptical based orbit before first engine burn

PHSRM_2EB - TLE for elliptical orbit after first engine burn and before second engine burn

Attention. This is TLE are made from the osculating elements.

  Filename Sort descendingSort ascending Info Sort descendingSort ascending Modified Sort descendingSort ascending
PHSRM_1EB.txt PHSRM_1EB.txt  153 bytes 11-11-11 11:38
PHSRM_2EB.txt PHSRM_2EB.txt  151 bytes 11-11-11 11:32

MS-Excel spreadsheet to generate ephemerides

It uses state vectors extracted from the SPICE files. VBA macros compute the topocentric coordinates and other information, based on the observer's coordinates.

It is intended for use by observers who understand RA and DEC.

Operation is simple. Enter site coordinates on the control tab, set minimum elevation, and hit buttons to generate ephemerides of either burn. Results appear on clearly labelled tabs.