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Trajectory pre-launch prediction

This trajectory is a planned version that assumes Phobos-Soil launch will occur 2011-Nov-8 20:16:03.145 UTC from Baikonur.

Backup dates are Nov 9 & 10. If there is a delay, it is hoped we will be able to update things here.

In SPICE data in the directory /kernels/spk/ you can find files of the trajectory Phobos-Soil in the format of SPICE and "aareadme_en.txt" file describes the contents of the /kernels/spk/ directory of the PHSRM SPICE data server.

Insertion of the SC to interplanetary trajectory

Date Time Stage
  01:20:09.975 UTC Stop
08.11.2011 20:16:03.145 UTC Start of launch vehicle (LV)
  20:27:27.747 UTC Separation of SC from the LV
  22:55:47.981 UTC First engine burn start
  23:05:18.253 UTC Stop
  23:07:17.145 UTC Jettisoning of tanks
09.11.2011 01:02:48.870 UTC Second engine burn start

Ground tracks for Phobos-Soil

Ground track for Phobos-Soil
First engine burn
Second engine burn

  - trajectory in sunlight
  - engine burn in sunlight
  - trajectory in shadow
  - engine burn in shadow
  - visibility from DSN
  - boundary of visibility 

Shadow entrance & exit times

#   Date Time
#1 enter: 2011-Nov-08 20:28:00.000 UTC
  exit : 2011-Nov-08 20:31:59.576 UTC
#2 enter: 2011-Nov-08 21:26:16.262 UTC
  exit : 2011-Nov-08 22:02:01.625 UTC
#3 enter: 2011-Nov-08 22:56:18.835 UTC
  exit : 2011-Nov-08 23:27:43.084 UTC
#4 enter: 2011-Nov-09 01:08:32.001 UTC
  exit : 2011-Nov-09 01:33:47.996 UTC