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Автор: hg5apz
Опубликовано: Ноя 05 2011 - 12:37
Заголовок: re: Почему нет новостей?
Hi, are there any news?
We are deeply involved to follow this exiting mission!!
I think, not all the mememers here read the satobs list, our (the community of the visual satellite observers) central information souces, here is a short overview, what happened in the last days there, connected to the start of the Phobos-Grunt mission:
- Ted Molczan offered his help to the members, not have good practices about such a unique, and quick happening, as will be the burning stage of the rokets. He wrote a nice, good overview about the practical tipps and knowledge, need to successfful observation for the rocket fireing stepps of the Phobos spacescraft over South America. His overview has this "chapters":
1. Plume Brightness
2. Observing Strategy
3. Near-Real-Time Data Requirement
4. Practice Makes Perfect
- Another members, Simone Corbellini, who has an online site with real time satellite prediction software, started to produce the orbit data for the Phobos-Grunt satellite, based on the available data set.
- The key person is in our community, Carlos Bella, live in Sao Paolo, Barzil. He has good geographical location, has the needed equipments and good practice to make this observations.
He summarized his preparations for this events, we are hope, he will be successfull to produce valuable data about this critical stepps of this rocket fireing.
Congratulations for all the memebers of this important scientific mission....
t.janos (Budapest)