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Автор: Ardan
Опубликовано: Ноя 09 2011 - 08:59
Заголовок: re: re: Почему нет новостей?
miquel написал:
I'm from Spain and dont understand russian. Do you guys know which is the current mission status? do engineers have faith in reigniting the engines?

Roscosmos wrote that solar batteries are working and orientation system is ok. They waiting when the vehicle will be over the Baykonur because only there they have the communication station which is able to get a whole telemetry from the vehicle. It will be at 23 Moscow time (19 UTC). After that they will now what happened and decide how to fix the problem.
Roscosmos also say that according the they have about 2 weeks to give a new commands to the vehicle until is too late.
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